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IRC Guide - For Beginners

Connecting to IRC and joining #Kaizoku-Fansubs and #Arlong-Park in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 - Downloading the File
Download our modified version of Sysreset which has most options set up so that you are already set to connect to and the channels #Kaizoku-Fansubs and #Arlong-Park. You can find the modifieid version below.
AP Sysreset

Step 2 - Unzipping and Starting
Once you have the file downloaded, please unzip it into any directory(Folder) of your choice. If you are unfamiliar with the extension .rar, please go here to download WinRar which will allow you to unzip the file.

Once unzipped, please go into the directory that has been newly created and locate mirc.exe, double click on it to start it up and you should see an image like at the link below.
Starting Page

Step 3 - Filling out Info
As you can see in the linked image above, there are four text areas that you need to fill out. Take a look at this picture to get an idea of what needs to be done. As you can see, "Full Name" and "Email Address" don't matter, you can enter anything you want there, just so long it is something. What is really important are the "Nickname" and "Alternative" fields. There you specify what Nickname you want to use, and also what Nickname you will fall back on incase someone has taken your first choice.

Step 4 - Connecting to the Server
This step is simple, simply click the "Connect to Server" button and it'll automatically connect you to the Rizon IRC network. If you need a visual for this, it can be found below.
Connect Button

Step 5 - Once Connected
Once you're connected you should see something like this. The channel listing on the left is how you can switch between the channels are you one. The topic is displayed whenever you enter a channel, it usually tells you information about the channel, their rules and other important information you might need to know, always read it.

You're done! You are now connected and can freely chat with the great people in both #Kaizoku-Fansubs and #Arlong-Park. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask an admin(They have a @ in front of their name) for help. Just double click on their name at the right column to start chatting with them in a seperate window.


IRC Guide - How to Download

How to Download from the XDCC Bots

Note: This guide assumes that you know how to connect to IRC, and know how to join the channels that are mentioned in this guide. If you do not know how, then please refer to this guide for help.

Step 1 - Finding a Packlist
For this guide, we will be using the #Kaizoku-Fansubs channel as an example. In #Kaizoku-Fansubs, you will find that all the bots have a Nickname that starts out with K-F|. So the way to find a XDCC bots packlist, is to send it a xdcc list message. For this example, we will chose the bot K-F|Smoker, and with that, your xdcc list message will look like this:

/msg K-F|Smoker xdcc list

In this case, K-F|Smoker will reply to you with a message telling you to check the Kaizoku-Fansubs website for the bot's packlisting, which can be found here.

Step 2 - Finding the Pack Number and Downloading
At the packlisting site for K-F|Smoker, you will see a massive amount of text, which can be boggling at first but if you look carefully it's really quite easy. The Pack Number, which is what we are looking for, is the number which procedes the "#" sign. After the Pack Number, you will see how many times the pack has been requested, the size of the pack, and most importantly, what that Pack Number corresponds to. For example, let's say you want to download One Piece Episode 1, then you will find the Pack Number which corresponds to it, in this case, #1. So in order to request that pack from the bot you will type:

/msg K-F|Smoker xdcc send #1

The bot then will either do one of two things. It will send you the pack you requested, or it will place you in a queue(Waiting Line). The queue is limited, so you may not always be able to wait in line for the send. If a bot's queue is full, then you can always simply try another bot.

It should be noted that not all bots have the same pack list, nor will all bots give you the same download speeds. Try out different bots, see which one gives you the best speeds and stick with it. This is it for the download guide, you now know enough to download from an XDCC bot in any channel on any IRC network, since they almost always use the same script for the bot, the form for requesting a pack list or send will essentially be the same. If you encouter errors while trying to download, then I suggest you message an admin(They have a @ in front of their name) or simply ask in the channel for help. Enjoy!


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